Police want to take stock after demonstration day in Leipzig |

Leipzig has once again become the scene of opponents of Corona policy and protests against it. During the “lateral thinking” demonstration two weeks ago, the police came under criticism. How did it go this time?

Leipzig (dpa) – Police want to take stock today after their large-scale operation during several protests related to the corona pandemic in Leipzig. Police said two people were arrested on Saturday evening.

18 criminal offenses were found in the city area. These are bodily harm and breaches of the peace. Nine suspects have been identified. In addition, 113 announcements were made for violations of the Saxon Crown Protection Ordinance. An officer was slightly injured during the operation.

Opponents of the corona policy gathered in Leipzig on Saturday – there were also larger counter-protests. In a “side-thinking” demonstration two weeks ago in Leipzig, massive violations of corona requirements have left the Saxon justice and police in need of explanation. This time, the police and city administration announced that they will systematically sanction violations of the requirements. Currently, only a maximum of 1000 participants is allowed per rally in Saxony – in addition, mask requirements and distance rules apply.

Opponents of the corona measures had announced a rally in the city center on Saturday afternoon, but promptly canceled it because the plaintiff did not accept the crown’s demands. Several hundred participants had already gathered there. At the same time, many people took part in the counter-demonstrations of the “Leipzig takes place” action network.

After the short-term cancellation, according to police, opposing camps repeatedly met in small groups in the city center, and the situation was at times confusing. There were unauthorized spontaneous meetings. The opposing camps have been separated from the officials. According to police, there have also been attacks on emergency services – details have not been given at this time. In one case, police used pepper spray after observing a DPA reporter.

The mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung (SPD), said the police were monitoring the temporarily tense situation. He spoke of a completely different situation than the “lateral thinking” demonstration two weeks ago.

Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Dulig (SPD) thanked him on Twitter for “peaceful protest against crown deniers, selfish people and those who despise democracy”. Leipzig had successfully defended “despite attacks from lateral thinkers and neo-Nazis,” Dulig explained. The authorities have systematically imposed conditions.

Left-wing MPs, on the other hand, criticized critics of Corona’s rules marching through town without a gap or mask after the canceled rally. “Despite the rally much smaller than on November 7, I saw the police in many places clueless and overwhelmed,” said Juliane Nagel, member of the Leipzig state parliament. The police had failed to prevent the “moving of the corona elevator”.

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