Moukoko the youngest player in Bundesliga history |

16 years and a day: No footballer was younger than Youssoufa Moukoko when he played his first Bundesliga match. The forward celebrates his much-anticipated debut for Borussia Dortmund in Berlin.

Berlin (AP) – Youssoufa Moukoko is the youngest player in Bundesliga history. A day after his 16th birthday, the striker, known as a child prodigy, came in as Borussia Dortmund’s replacement at Hertha BSC on Saturday night.

In the 85th minute he came onto the lawn of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin with a score of 5: 2. This means that Moukoko replaces another runner from Dortmund in the youth standings. Nuri Sahin had so far been the youngest professional in the Bundesliga with his debut at the age of eleven months and one day.

Moukoko has been causing a sensation in the junior sector for several years. The striker, who was well developed for his age, appeared to be under-challenged in the junior Bundesliga recently. In 73 top-level matches in the U17s and U19s, he has scored an incredible 127 times. Even for the national coach Joachim Löw, the German-Cameroonian is “a grenade”. The teenager is considered the great promise of German football.

As a gift, coach Lucien Favre did not want to understand the mission. “The birthday was yesterday. He got a gift, ”he said before kick-off. Moukoko himself looked relaxed. He was sitting on the bench, smiling.

Even before his first Bundesliga trip to the capital, he tried to hide the hustle and bustle from himself. “I read what the media write. But I don’t put any pressure on myself. “Moukokos’ early promotion from junior to professional seemed overdue. Since moving from FC St. Pauli to BVB at the age of eleven, he has skipped whole years on several occasions. A deployment in the team A was only possible after the lowering of the age limit of the German Football League to 16 years.

BVB sporting director Michael Zorc has warned of too high expectations. “We have found it very refreshing since the summer. Nevertheless, I would like to admit that what is happening in the media is going a bit too far for me, ”he said. “I don’t like it. We all need to calm down and let things work out,” Zorc asked. Nonetheless, Borussia had documented Moukoko’s rise to prominence on several occasions on its social media channels.

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