Minister of Justice: “The State must show who has a monopoly on violence” |

Berlin (dpa) – Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht approved the police operation with water cannons against demonstrators who protested against the measures of the State Crown in Berlin on Wednesday.

The SPD politician told newspapers from the Funke media group that if requirements such as mask requirements or keeping your distance were deliberately ignored, the meeting should be dissolved. “The state must show who has the monopoly of force in this country. It is impossible for the state to resign itself when many demonstrators deliberately break the rules.

Under protest from thousands of people in the government district, the Bundestag and Bundesrat paved the way for the coalition’s planned changes to the infection protection law on Wednesday. The Berlin police used water cannons for the first time in years – but without a sharp jet, but only in spray mode.

On the sidelines of the demonstrations, there were occasional clashes between police and demonstrators. Police said a total of 365 people were temporarily arrested. Two people were tried to see if they would be in detention. Police said ten policemen were injured in the evening.

The situation did not improve until late afternoon. Hundreds of people demonstrated against the law in front of the Château de Bellevue, the official residence of the Federal President, that evening.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) also defended the actions of the police. “The democratic constitutional state lives and the police are its protective shield,” he said.

When asked if the “lateral thinking” movement would become a case for the protection of the constitution, Lambrecht said that classification should hit constitutional protection offices. The “lateral thinking” movement carries the protests. “But when you read what’s on some posters, it gives you food for thought. What we can observe in some of the so-called lateral thinkers does not correspond to our constitutional order. The question arises as to whether the movement has become a reservoir for right-wing extremists, anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists. “In many cases, she can no longer understand the story of the worried ordinary citizen who takes to the streets.

Comparing the current changes in the infection protection law to the so-called National Socialist enabling law, she said: “This is an infamous comparison that pokes fun at the victims of the Nazi regime and for which I have no understanding. ” With the so-called enabling law, the Reichstag weakened in 1933 and transferred the legislation to Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler. At that time, the rights of parliament and the constitution were de facto suspended, and a wave of brutal persecution of dissidents followed, Lambrecht said. “Today we are strengthening the rights of the Bundestag and making it clear which restrictions are possible under which conditions.”

Lambrecht stressed that government action against the pandemic continues to receive great approval from the population. “There are few, but particularly loud, groups protesting against this.”

SPD leader Saskia Esken also praised the actions of the police. “I welcome the fact that the police acted early and systematically to protect democracy and health,” she told the Germany editorial network. Failure to follow the prescribed rules of conduct for fighting the crown was in itself sufficient reason to dissolve the meeting. “But that – as with similar events – right-wing extremist symbols up to the Hitler salute are shown, while at the same time our policy is equated with the authorization of the Nazis or the requirement of the mask is made the same. level as the mass murder of the Shoah, ie beyond all limits of democratic tolerance and must be a wake-up call to all of us. “

The leader of the green parliamentary group, Anton Hofreiter, told “Passauer Neue Presse”: “If people fear for their existence as the gastronomy and the cultural industry, and the movement” Red Alert “demonstrates peacefully and respectfully rules, I understand very well. ” Around the Reichstag, however, right-wing extremists, citizens of the Reich, and conspiracy theorists were once again on the move without masks and distances and wanted to storm the Bundestag. “It is an attack on democracy and its institutions.”

Christoph Heubner, executive vice-president of the Auschwitz International Committee, expressed his outrage at the AfD. At the start of the debate in the Bundestag, the Parliamentary Director made a treacherous attempt to bring the infection protection law closer to the Nazi enabling law. “The AfD’s inflammatory attitude and its attempt to abuse people’s insecurity over and over again and to open up democracy and parliament to attack is shabby and outrageous,” he said.

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