Amazon Prime Video: Top 10 Best Movies To Watch For Halloween

A special weekend is coming! It’s Halloween with our weekly list of the best upcoming Amazon Prime Video titles. Last week we pointed out the best real-life movies that are currently streaming, and it’s time to find out which are the best titles to enjoy this Halloween.

Android 09 release

Economy and market 07 oct.

It is worth noting that Amazon Prime Video receives several new features, among which we have many amazing movies and series and even the return of the crazy Borat! Check out all the news and take advantage of our weekly list.

In fact, if this list isn’t enough for your Halloween, it’s worth following ours with the best series to watch for Halloween.


40 years after the original film, Jamie Lee Curtis reprizes his iconic role of Laurie Strode for a final duel with Michael Myers.

Indicative note: +16 Year: Watch 2018

Deadly games 2

Jigsaw is back. The brilliant and troubled genius returns for another series of gruesome death games.

Indicative note: +12 Year: 2005 Watch


An unfaithful wife finds her lover’s zombie dead; demonic cenobites pursue him after he escapes from the sadomasochistic underworld.

Indicative note: +18 Year: 1987 Watch

House of terror

On Halloween, a group of friends find an “extreme” haunted house that promises to feed off their darkest fears. The night turns deadly when they come to the terrible conclusion that some nightmares are real.

Indicative note: +14 Year: Watch 2019

Scary stories to tell in the dark

In the United States in 1968 you can feel the change in the air. In the peaceful village of Mill Valley, for generations the dark legacy of the Bellows family has grown enormously. Sara Bellows, a young woman with horrific secrets, has turned her torturous life into a series of gruesome stories written in a book, the particularity of which is that they become real for a group of teenagers.

Indicative note: +14 Year: Watch 2019

The Witch Blair

Blair’s Witch accompanies a trio of videographers on what should have been a simple walk in the woods, but quickly becomes a breathtaking foray into terror.

Indicative note: +18 Year: 1999 Watch

Panic in the forest 2

When Mike takes his girlfriend Sheryl to a camp in the mountains of Virginia, the worst enemy they expected to meet were mosquitoes. But the two end up being received into a real nightmare. Sheryl mysteriously disappears and Mike finds a small hut – and amidst the candles and crucifixes of a degenerate cult, this couple’s horror will begin.

Indicative note: +18 Year: 2007 Watch

The call

After Tomoko Oishi’s death, journalist Reiko Asakawa hears stories from a video that kills anyone who sees him a week after watching it. At first he doesn’t care about the rumors, but when he finds out that a friend of Tomoko’s who watched the video has passed away exactly one week later, she begins to investigate. After seeing the tape, strange things start to happen.

Indicative note: +14 Year: 1998 Watch


When a mad tornado invades Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorize the soggy population and nature’s most dangerous killer dominates the sea, land and air.

Indicative rating: +14 Year: 2013 Watch

Halloween: night of terror

And if you think Amazon Prime is all about new movies, what about that classic?

On Halloween, Michael Myers terrorizes a shy teenage girl and her friends.

Indicative note: +16 Year: 1978 Watch

Android 02 release

Curiosity 02 oct.

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Do you have any suggestions for a movie that can’t be missing from this list? Tell us in the comments!

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