More expensive! Netflix raises prices for Full HD and 4K plans in the US

Netflix has readjusted the values ​​of its most sophisticated plans in the United States. This is the second time the streaming service has raised its prices in the country in the past two years.

The Standard plan will drop from $ 12.99 (~ R $ 74.60) to $ 13.99 (~ R $ 80.30). This is what allows access to up to two people simultaneously, with an image in Full HD resolution. The Premium option will start from US $ 15.99 (~ R $ 91.80) to US $ 17.99 (~ R $ 103.30). Only the basic plan will have no cost change.

Any new subscriber will already have to pay the new prices immediately. Existing users wait a few more weeks, as billing cycles update. The move comes at a time when Netflix started gaining more competition after the launch of Disney Plus.

An increase in Netflix values ​​has been expected for some time. Indeed, the last time the platform applied an adjustment was in January 2019 – a year and nine months ago. The streaming service had already become more expensive recently in Canada and the trend is that it will happen in other countries as well.

So far, there has been no mention of Brazil in relation to an increase in the costs of the three plans available in the country. When viewing the options currently, it is possible to verify that the prices established in March 2019 still remain the same.

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