Samsung Internet v13.0.1.44: browser update includes news and increased security

Found in Samsung smartphones and tablets, the Internet browser is gradually gaining new updates that seek to offer additional features to its users, including the implementation of dark mode, improvements to tabs, extension of options for viewing open tabs and more.

Now Samsung is starting to deliver a new round of updates, raising its browser to version, which has allowed Samsung to update the in-app Chromium renderer from version 79 to 83., thus ensuring security patches and new APIs visible in the most recent versions.

In addition, it is confirmed to support Web Share Level 2 API, allowing web applications to send files to native applications, as well as support for extension APIs that include webRequest, Proxy, Cookies and History.

In addition, it is also possible to observe some noteworthy new features for the user, such as the inclusion of an edit button in the bookmark notification, the display of rounded tabs (which made the browser look like old Firefox) and occasional changes to align with One UI 3.0 like the ability to enable automatic contrast with dark mode and hide status bar while scrolling.

For now, the new version is only available for download through APKMirror (link below), and should later be included in the Google Play Store, which, at least for now, hasn’t exact forecast.

So what did you think of the news included in the Samsung Internet Browser Update? Tell us in the comments!

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