Netflix News This Week [18/10/20]

Another Sunday has arrived and with it it’s time to check out what premieres are slated for Netflix next week, so you can set up the movie and popcorn session at home and have fun without leaving the house. .

For this week we have news practically every day (only Saturday remained blank), with at least one addition to the catalog (today and tomorrow are clear examples with the arrival of It: A Coisa and the 2nd season of Unsolved Mysteries).

Also new this week is the availability of Season 6 of The Flash and a massive roster of Netflix original titles, which includes the movie “Rebecca – The Unforgettable Woman” and “Kadaver,” the 5th season of “Me, you and her” and much more.

Among the exclusions we have a more limited selection, with four titles completely removed from the catalog, with the emphasis on half of those titles as part of the Hunger Games franchise.

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