“Bitter Pill”: Mainz without victim between hope and fear | Free press

Mainz (AP) – FSV Mainz 05 was spared a whistle concert despite the fourth loss. After the 0: 1 (0: 1) in the Bundesliga game against Bayer Leverkusen, there were problems with the fans even with a total of only 250 spectators.

New coach Jan-Moritz Lichte fought a battle of words with some of them to counter allegations of lack of engagement and lack of offensive skills. “I wanted to talk to a fan or two about it in more detail. I wanted to clarify that, ”he said. There were no insults or abuse – although it looked different.

Mainz has also become an emotional risk area, nerves are at their wit’s end. Even the players could not hide their discouragement and their feelings between hope and fear after the very committed appearance. “I am very sad because we gave everything as a team,” said midfielder Jean-Paul Boetius. “We have no more points. It’s a bitter pill. “

The prospects that this will change in the home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach in a week’s time are not entirely optimistic. Confidence in a turnaround increased despite the loss of a goal by Lucas Alario (30th minute). “We haven’t allowed much. So it bothers me that we conceded such an unnecessary goal from a corner. It’s extremely boring, ”said talented forward Jonathan Burkhardt.

For his teammate Luca Kilian, the particularly strong defensive performance is the model for the next game. “We also want to show the will, the courage and the energy against Gladbach,” said the center-back after his strong start in the starting XI for Mainz. However, Rhine Hesse are expected to increase significantly after 2:12 goals on offense.

“It was clear to us that it wouldn’t be a ten hundred percent chance game,” Lichte said. After all, there were “good starting points” in the attack. The point is that neither at 1. FC Union Berlin (0: 4) nor against Bayer did the 05ers shoot at the opposing goal. “A point would not have been undeserved. But we will continue, ”said coach Lichte, who sat on the bench for the second time after the players’ strike and the separation of Achim Beierlorzer. For the Gladbach game, he wants to develop a plan to use “that enthusiasm and commitment to lead him so that we get something next week.”

Sporting director Rouven Schröder was impressed with how the team, under Lichte’s leadership, showed the will to “win, chase every ball and tear themselves apart”. It was a first step in keeping your head up. “We all want better times,” said Schröder. “We can score again with this passion.”

His employee Boetius not only shares the forecast, but is even convinced that he will again avoid the almost annual relegation battle with Lichte. “If we continue to work with the coach in this way, we can create a big gap at the bottom of the table,” said the 26-year-old Dutchman.

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