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Skype Developer Skype Technologies Latest version [+/-] Extended version [+/-] Written in C ++ / Qt Windows environments (Windows is a series of operating systems manufactured by Microsoft and intended primarily for PC-compatible computers. It is the replacement …)
Linux (Strictly speaking, Linux is the name of the free, cross-platform, multitasking UNIX-like operating system kernel that was created by …)
Mac OS X (Mac OS X is a series of proprietary operating systems developed and marketed by Apple. The latest version (Mac OS X 10.5, called “Leopard” in late 2007) is installed on all Macs sold …)
iPhone / iPod touch
PlayStation Portable
Pocket PC Languages ​​Multilingual instant messaging type (instant messaging or chat (qc), also known as “chat” (“chat”), enables the immediate exchange of messages …) License holder Freeware website (A website is a series of web pages linked together and placed online at one web address (we also call it metonymy website, the World Wide Web …) (Skype is proprietary software that enables users to make phone calls over the Internet . User-to-user calls are free, …). com change

Skype is proprietary software (in IT, software is a set of processing information that is automatically performed by a computer device. Processing instructions are included, etc.) that users can switch (The Skip genre) was created in 1760 by the French zoologist Mathurin Jacques Brisson (1723-1806) founded.) Telephone calls over the Internet (the Internet is the global computer network that provides various services such as e-mail, instant messaging and the World Wide Web using the IP communication protocol …). User-to-user calls are free, while calls to landlines and cell phones are chargeable. Other functions include instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing.

It was developed by programmers Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn for the entrepreneurs of KaZaA and Joost (Joost (code name The Venice Project) is a project by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis (the founders of KaZaA and Skype)., Whose goal it is to develop software that enables the distribution of programs …), Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis. The three Estonians were already the origin of the KaZaA software. With the expansion of the ISP formulas that the phone offer (The phone is a communication system originally designed to transmit the human voice.) Free and unlimited for many purposes, Skype’s interest loses strength (The Word) strength can one mechanical power over things and metaphorically also denote willpower or even a moral virtue …).

Today the software offers paid services to benefit from more possibilities. With SkypeIn you can be called from any landline or mobile phone without going through the software, provided it is in one of the 25 countries (country comes from the Latin pagus, which denotes a territorial and tribal division of limited scope (of) on the order of a few hundred km²) served to subdivide the civilian population …). In addition, with some subscriptions you can make phone calls from your computer (A computer is a device that is equipped with a processing unit that can run recorded programs. It is a series of electronic circuits that allow you to transfer data in the form of … edit..) via landline or mobile phone for very small amounts. This means that Skype can now replace the landline or mobile phone in almost all situations when there is an Internet connection.


The original and free offer

With Skype, thanks to a microphone (a microphone (or simple microphone per apocope) is a device for converting the acoustic sound waves of a compressible medium into impulses, you can make free calls only between two Skype-equipped computers or terminals connected to the Internet. ..) and speakers or a headset or telephone connected to the computer (e.g. via the USB port). It also has basic instant messaging capabilities that allow users to text and send files to each other.

Video conferencing has been possible since January 2006 and the release of Skype 2.0 for Windows.

Skype has become one of the means of communication (communication affects both people (inner-psychological, interpersonal, group communication …) and animals (intra- or cross-species communication) or machines (telecommunication), new technologies …), …) language on computers most commonly used in the same way as Windows Live (Windows Live, trademark of Microsoft company, refers to any service available directly on the Internet or through software. name se …) Messenger (Das MESSENGER -Program (in English: Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Range) is a mission to study the properties …), although it raises problems of interoperability (interoperability) is the ability of a product or system whose interfaces are fully known to function with other products or systems …) (mutual exclusivity (the mutual is an implic ation ratio) of the protocol and the software), in addition to s concerns about confidentiality (security in the dark, not verifiable by nature).

A version of Skype has also been available on the PlayStation Portable console as well as on the iPhone since February 2008 (The iPhone is a family of smartphones that have been developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2007. The models whose user interface this is developed with Multi-touch, camera, …) and iPod touch since March 23, 2009.

It was recently released on Nokia smartphones (Nokia is a Finnish telecommunications company. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones (ahead of Motorola and Samsung in 2005 with a market share of almost 32.6%)) such as the N95.

Paid service

Skype also makes it possible to make paid calls to landlines and cellular lines through offers tailored to the consumption estimated by the user. This varies between one hour (The hour is a unit of measurement for time. The word also denotes the size itself, the moment (the “hour that it is”), also in science (“hour of the sun” …) per month (The month (from Latin mensis “month” and earlier in the plural “menstruation”) is an arbitrary period.) For less than one euro up to an unlimited sum (sum is without exception the quality of what is complete. From an accounting point of view is a sum is the result of an addition, ie …) for € 5 / month Elsewhere, the SkypeIn offer enables the reception of calls via landline and mobile phone, but in a group of 25 countries. This more expensive offer amounts to 57 € 50 per year (a year is a unit of time that expresses the duration between two events of an event that is related to the rotation of the earth around the sun).

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