Microsoft and Xbox fire presenter who suffered attacks from the gaming community

Yesterday (16) the content creator Isadora Basile announced on her social networks that she had been fired from the position of presenter of the XboxBR channel. Since September, she has been the target of smear campaigns and Internet threats, including rape and death threats.

In the published note, it is confirmed that Isadora was deactivated after the attacks suffered on the Internet, and that Microsoft’s decision was taken in order to protect it from new and possible attacks.

On Twitter, a wave of criticism directed at Xbox and Microsoft profiles began after the ads. Most of the posts asked why the company hadn’t stood up for the presenter and kept her job instead of giving in to online hate campaigns, which sought to delegitimize the content creator’s agenda.

– XboxBR (@XboxBR) October 17, 2020

Summary of @XboxBR today

– Rodrigo Sanches (@RushSanches) October 17, 2020

the man makes a misogynistic and racist joke constantly bearing the name of the xbox: they are called to go to E3, more than 5 years go unpunished, etc.

the woman defends herself from harassment, assaults and threats: less than 2 months and they turn it off

huge setback.

– Thaís Stagni (@thaistagni) October 16, 2020

Many users also remember the episode involving Gabriela Catuzzo last year which suffered a massive campaign of attacks online. Razer ambassador at the time, the gaming peripherals company took the same path: that of extinguishing the influence of its four official collaborators.

Gabi Catuzzo, Isadora Basile … Who will be next?

– Skinless Agent Bruna (@brunabalbino) October 16, 2020

This Isadora case reminds me of the Gabi Catuzzo case, the 2 were harassed and lost jobs because of it, one at Razer and the other at Microsoft

– Joao Pedro Oliveira² (@ joao_o_Pereira2) October 16, 2020

With great engagement stemming from these issues, Xbox’s official profile in Brazil was limited to posting a typical note from the company seeking to manage crises, saying that the presenter’s firing was due to a “strategic shift,” which reduced the number of channels through which Microsoft’s games division intends to provide official information to the consumer. Now the only channel with journalistic content on the platform would be Xbox Wired.

In retaliation for the note issued by Microsoft, many users were keen to announce that they would not be supporting the company’s next generation of games.

Are you satisfied with the positioning proposed by Microsoft and Xbox Brazil? Do you typically report social media posts that contain defamation and threats to other users? Tell us in the comments!

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