AOC presents the Agon range of gaming peripherals to take the monitor label

Hearing the acronym AOC, the consumer automatically remembers the monitors, but the company wants more than that. And today, it launched its new line of peripherals aimed at the gaming segment, which includes mechanical keyboards, a mouse, and a mouse pad. And these launches will be split into two lines, AOC, for enthusiasts and intermediates, and AGON, which is the premium division.

Each of the brands will have its own design that will stand out for its built-in features and price. In the case of the keyboards, all have the ABNT 2 standard, which allows the correct use of the keys in the Brazilian standard, while the keyboard and mouse have a built-in memory to save configurations and macros to be played in any what environment.

Asus 07 October

Outings 25 August

All models mentioned have a braided USB cable and a gold-plated connector, for greater strength and faster data transmission speed. They are also compatible with AOC G-Tools software, which allows macro programming, profile management for different types of games and players, RGB customization and RGB synchronization between different devices, which can be downloaded for free from the AOC website.

AOC is already a well-known brand in the gaming community, and now we can offer a full experience with peripherals. We see huge potential and for sure our products will meet and meet the needs of this niche ”

Eduardo Brunoro, Sales Director (CSO) of the TPV group.

The brand said the portfolio will be completed next year, with the arrival of headsets and another line of mice and keyboards, this time wireless. However, until they arrive, let’s get to know the current line.


There are two models here: the AOC GK500 and the AOC Agon AGK700. The first, and most basic, is a mechanical gaming keyboard, featuring Outemo Blue switches with tactile and audible response for high performance. As a good gaming device, it has customizable RGB with 16.8 million colors and effects for users to choose from.

To make the game more comfortable, there is a magnetic wrist support and very durable ergonomics, in addition to fully programmable buttons and good typing. RGB is synchronized with other AOC devices. Its suggested price is R $ 499.

The second model offers superior performance, in addition to a fast and perfect strike. To guarantee this maximum performance, it is equipped with Cherry MX Blue switches, for tactile and sonic precision in games that require more actuation force. Withstands 50 million readers and has an anodized aluminum construction, the same used in aviation and marine.

It has dedicated macro and multimedia keys and 100% RGB adjustment, which can sync with other branded devices. Its port is a USB relay, which allows more powerful charging and data transfer. The product also has a magnetic wrist support, finished in leather on a comfortable, padded surface, and has a suggested price of R $ 1,199.

Mouse and mouse pad

Here are also two models: the AOC GM500 and the Agon AGM700. Starting with the most basic, its strong point is the ambidextrous design, whether for the macro and DPI buttons (with predefined or fully configured settings) as well as for the main buttons. Its sensor is the Pixart 3325, which offers smooth and agile tracking without hardware acceleration.

You can also take advantage of on-the-fly DPI switching to instantly match mouse speed to gaming demands. RGB can also be configured with up to five sync effects. It is available for purchase starting at R $ 199.

The most advanced model features the famous Pixart 3389 16,000 DPI sensor, which offers high-level tracking accuracy and fidelity. Here are eight programmable buttons for macros, one of which is a Sniper exclusive button, which allows you to bring the DPI to the lowest level when you press. There is also a weight adjustment system, which allows you to make it heavier or lighter according to your personal preference.

Like all gamer models, there’s customizable RGB lighting that syncs with other branded products, three on-board memory profiles, and Omron switches with 50 million drive durability. Its suggested price is R $ 349.

Finally, the Agon AMM700 gaming mouse pad has a rigid, microtextured surface, which provides much less friction force with the mouse. Microtexzturization, on the other hand, guarantees the fidelity of the tracking with the mouse sensors. There is also synchronized and customizable RBG lighting, with over 16 million colors available and costs R $ 249.

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